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PureElevate - Premium Kanna Extract

PureElevate - Premium Kanna Extract

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At our brand, we take your health and wellness seriously. That's why we ensure that our premium kanna powder is packaged in tamper-evident packaging to guarantee the integrity of the product. We also provide full transparency through lab testing results and clear labeling, so you can trust that you're getting a clean and potent product every time. Try our premium kanna powder today and experience the difference that quality and transparency can make.


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Introducing our premium, clean and potent kanna powder - a natural botanical that offers a unique blend of clean energy and euphoria, perfect for those looking to elevate their mind and mood throughout the day. Sourced directly from the farm, our kanna is grown with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a pure and high-quality product that is lab tested to guarantee its potency and purity. Our kanna powder is free from any harmful additives or contaminants, providing a clean and natural way to enhance your mental clarity and promote a positive sense of well-being. With our premium kanna powder, you can enjoy a natural boost of energy and a sense of euphoria without any unwanted side effects. Try it today and experience the pure and potent benefits of our premium kanna powder.

Total Alkaloids: ±1.5-2.2%
Mesembrine: ±0.9-1.1%
Primary Alkaloid Profile:
• Mesembrine 40-60%
• Mesembrenone ≤20%
• ∆7-Mesembrenone ≤20%

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